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Carolina 6 Inch Steel Toe Boot

style CA3522
Color: Black
(Width D)
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These boots are ideal for working in all kinds of work environments, but can also be used for hiking on the trails.

Specially designed for safety, these Carolina Steel Toe boots have waterproof technology, slip-resistant soles, and protection against electrical hazards. The lug sole is highly reliable and keeps your feet protected at all times. The removable footbed can be replaced which adds some additional length to the life of these boots.

  • Full Grain Leather Upper
  • Unlined
  • High Speed Lace System
  • Internal Ankle Support
  • Garrison Army Munson Last for Superior Fit
  • "Spit Shineable" Leather Toe Cap and Counter
  • Cushioned Insole
  • Triple Rib Steel Shank
  • Goodyear Welt Construction
  • Vibram® #134 Rubber Outsole
Electrical Hazard - Electrical Hazard footwear is designed to impede the flow of electricity through the shoe and to the ground, reducing the likelihood of electrocution, in accordance with ASTM F2413-11.
Oil Resisting - Oil-resistant footwear is specialized footwear designed to provide protection and traction in environments where there is a risk of exposure to oils, greases, and other slippery substances. This type of footwear is commonly used in industries like manufacturing, automotive, food processing, and other settings where workers may encounter oily or greasy surfaces that could lead to slips and falls.
Slip Resisting - Slip-resistant footwear, also known as non-slip footwear or anti-slip footwear, is specially designed to provide enhanced traction and stability on slippery surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls. This type of footwear is essential in industries and work environments where workers are exposed to wet, oily, greasy, or otherwise slippery floors, such as hospitality, healthcare, food service, and manufacturing.
Steel Toe - Steel toe footwear, also known as steel-toed boots or safety boots, is a type of safety footwear that incorporates a reinforced protective cap made of steel in the toe area. This toe cap is designed to provide protection against impact, compression, and other potential hazards in various work environments. Steel toe footwear is commonly worn in industries where there is a risk of heavy objects falling on the feet or where protection against crushing injuries is essential.