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Men's Carolina 8 Inch Steel Toe Met Guard Made In Usa

style 505
Color: Brown
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This 8" broad steel toe met guard is one tough, heavy-duty boot.

Union-made in our Pennsylvania factory, it's fortified with a Vibram® heat-resistant outsole, metatarsal guard and Kevlar® stitching. This style is proudly Made in the USA with global parts.

  • Briar Pitstop Leather Upper
  • Steel Safety Toe Cap
  • DRi-LEX® Lining
  • Pillow Cushion™ Insole
  • Radiantex® Insole Board
  • Kevlar® Welt Stitching
  • Electrical Hazard Rated
  • Steel Shank
  • Welt Construction
  • Vibram® Heat Resisting Outsole
  • Union Made in the USA with Global Parts
Metguard - Metatarsal guard (metguard) footwear is a specialized type of safety footwear designed to provide protection to the metatarsal bones, which are the bones located in the mid-foot region just above the toes. Metatarsal injuries can occur in various work environments, especially in industries involving heavy machinery, construction, and manufacturing. Metguard footwear is specifically engineered to mitigate the risk of metatarsal injuries caused by impact, compression, and other potential hazards.
Made in the USA with Global Parts - "Made in USA" footwear refers to footwear products that are manufactured or assembled within the United States of America. This label indicates that the footwear's production processes, from sourcing materials to final assembly, have taken place within the country's borders. For consumers who prioritize buying domestically produced goods, "Made in USA" footwear can signify support for domestic industries, job creation, and quality control.
Steel Toe - Steel toe footwear, also known as steel-toed boots or safety boots, is a type of safety footwear that incorporates a reinforced protective cap made of steel in the toe area. This toe cap is designed to provide protection against impact, compression, and other potential hazards in various work environments. Steel toe footwear is commonly worn in industries where there is a risk of heavy objects falling on the feet or where protection against crushing injuries is essential.