Scrub Tops

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Men's and Women's Scrub Tops

Our scrub top collection includes a variety of styles from fan-favorite brands like Healing Hands, Purple Label, and Grey's Anatomy by Barco. With multiple different designs and colors, nurses, doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals can express their sense of style while on the job. Be sure to search our selection by color, size, or brand to find fun scrub tops with a comfortable fit you'll love.

Scrub Top Styles

Our scrub tops come in multiple different styles. The most commonly worn scrub top is the traditional V-neck that includes core pockets located at the front. Additional styles include the Mock Wrap (also referred to as the Y-neck), Round Neck, and Empire Waist. Each style has a unique fit that allows nurses and medical workers to find what suits them best.

Scrubs With Pockets

Our scrub tops contain pockets that allow nurses and doctors to store important medical equipment and supplies throughout their shifts. This eliminates the need for walking back and forth between workstations to access supplies, saving them time for other responsibilities. Our scrubs sport pockets in different locations varying by the style of the top, but most fall along the waistline directly in the front of the shirt for easy access.

Scrub Top Colors

Our scrub tops come in many different solid colors and prints. We have options for those who prefer a sleek, minimalist look along with printed designs that give nurses a chance to express themselves. We offer numerous print scrub tops including tie-dye, floral, bohemian, multi-color, and more. Shop our wide variety of styles to find the right workwear for you.