Men's Walking Shoes

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Best Walking Shoes for Men

Our walking shoes from top brands like New Balance, Reebok, and Skechers are the perfect footwear for low-impact movements. Walking shoes are built with comfort and flexibility to support your natural stride. It's important to choose the right walking shoe to provide support and prevent injuries like heel pain, knee pain, and more. Explore our selection with a variety of styles and features, including leather, suede, and breathable mesh uppers, to ensure feet look good and feel good.

Find the Perfect Walking Shoe

Walking shoes are manufactured with features like built-in arch support, lightweight materials, and cushioned soles to provide a comfortable walking experience. These features make walking shoes a smart choice for people with flat feet or plantar fasciitis. The right walking shoes will keep your entire foot supported while running errands or simply moving throughout the day.

Walking Shoes vs. Running Shoes

Walking shoes and running shoes share a similar appearance however each shoe offers unique benefits. These shoes primarily differ in cushioning and heel height. A running shoe typically includes more cushioning for shock absorption. Running shoes also have a higher heel to provide stability. When buying walking shoes, comfort, stability, and flexibility are the most important factors to consider. If your walking shoes meet these criteria and don't feel too tight in the toe box area, you've found a good quality walking shoe. Shop our selection of walking and running shoes to find the best footwear for your foot type and activity level.