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Salomon boots and shoes are renowned for their exceptional quality and innovative design, catering to outdoor enthusiasts who demand the best in durability, comfort, and performance. From the rugged trails of mountains to the urban landscapes, Salomon offers a diverse range of footwear, including trail running shoes, hiking boots, and casual sneakers. Each pair is engineered with cutting-edge technologies to ensure unmatched traction, waterproof protection, and a snug, customized fit. Whether you're an avid hiker, a trail runner, or someone who simply values comfort and style in their everyday wear, Salomon shoes provide the support, protection, and versatility needed to embrace any adventure with confidence. Explore our selection of Salomon footwear to find your next pair, available in-store or online.

Salomon Trail Shoes

Salomon trail shoes can be worn during casual wear and outdoor activities. With ultra comfort, strong traction, and unwavering grip, these versatile shoes will support you through every journey. Whether you're rocking trail running shoes or sporting a casual style for laid-back adventures, your feet will remain protected wherever you go.

Salomon Hiking and Winter Boots

Saloman hiking and winter boots provide the support and protection you need during long hikes and cold weather. Salomon hiking boots are designed with waterproof construction and high ankle support so you can enjoy any path you take, whether it's through rivers or over rocky terrain. When the temperature cools but you still want to enjoy the outdoors, keep your feet warm with a pair of Salomon winter boots. Explore styles with a variety of technology and features, including additional midsoles designed to enhance insulation. From lightweight models for brisk hikes to more robust designs for heavy snow and rugged terrain, Salomon offers a wide range of boots to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts seeking to conquer the cold without sacrificing performance or comfort.