Women's Water Shoes

Protect your feet during outdoor and aquatic activities with our must-have styles.

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Best Women's Water Shoes

Whether playing water sports, navigating rocky river beds, or walking on slippery surfaces, water shoes are the perfect accessory to protect your feet. With a wide selection from top brands, you'll successfully navigate wet and slippery surfaces like a pro. Search by color, size, or brand to find your perfect shoe.

Find the Perfect Water Shoe

Outdoor enthusiasts wear water shoes underwater, on hot sand, hiking on wet terrain, and more. To safely lead an active lifestyle, it's important to find supportive footwear. Important features include thick soles, drainage holes, and breathable fabrics. Thick soles provide excellent traction and stability while drainage holes keep shoes lightweight. Breathable fabrics like neoprene or a mesh upper work to prevent discomfort. With the right safety features, you'll enjoy comfort and protection.

Buying Women's Water Shoes

When buying women's water shoes, there are multiple styles to choose from. Slip-on water shoes and lace-ups each offer unique benefits. Slip-on styles are meant to be worn underwater and at the beach. Lace-up styles, on the other hand, offer more ankle support and are better equipped for hiking over wet rocks. With each style, look out for footwear with durable rubber soles, quick-drying fabric, and a comfortable fit. For additional protection, find styles with a reinforced toe cap to prevent stubbed toes.

Before your next purchase, explore which styles best support your favorite outdoor activities. For additional aquatic footwear, shop our hiking shoes and boat shoes.