Jellypop Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to find out more information about Jellypop? We've got you covered. Fall in love with Jellypop like tons of other women who are looking for fun, trendy footwear.

Who Makes Jellypop Shoes?

Jellypop is a women's footwear brand launched by Jennet Chow and the company she founded, Evolution Design Labs. Her team operates out of California, bringing women comfortable and stylish yet affordable footwear with strong attention to detail.

What Type of Shoes Does Jellypop Offer?

Jellypop offers a wide variety of shoes for women, including flats, sandals, wedges, sneakers, heels, and boots. The brand also offers a range of youthful, sassy kids' shoes.

How Much Do Jellypop Shoes Cost?

Most Jellypop styles cost between $30 and $60. Prices may vary based on whether you are looking to purchase a casual shoe versus a sandal versus a boot but all their products are very affordable with their most expensive product selling for around $75.

Are Jellypop Shoes True to Size?

Yes, Jellypop shoes are true to size. You can expect a comfortable fit when you choose your regular shoe size regardless of the type of boot, shoe, sneaker, or sandal you choose. All Jellypop shoes are designed to provide a comfortable and stylish fit, so you can feel confident and look great no matter where you go.

Are Jellypop Shoes Washable?

Jellypop shoes are machine washable but it's recommended to clean them by hand to avoid damaging the structure and fine details that go into different styles.

Are Jellypop Shoes Vegan?

Yes, Jellypop shoes are vegan. The brand offers a wide range of shoes made from quality synthetic materials that are designed to look and feel like leather but without the use of any animal products. You can feel good knowing that your shoes are not only stylish but also cruelty-free.

Where Can I Buy Jellypop Shoes?

ellypop shoes are available online at or at one of our 41 stores spanning Virginia to Maine! Find a store near you!