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Featuring safety footwear, work boots, supportive shoes, and tough clothing from top brands to help you get the job done.

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At Super Shoes, we know that your work boots are more than footwear – they are a tool to help get the job done. That is why we carry the most trusted labels in work wear, including Timberland PRO boots, Wolverine boots, Ariat boots and more.

Our collection of men's work boots and women's work boots promise safety, comfort and support to match the demands of the hardest working industries. From construction and demolition to pole climbers and mechanics, we have your feet covered.

Safety Toe Technology

Safety-toe work boots act as a shield against falling or crushing objects, meeting ATSM safety standards for compression. Whether you prefer steel toe boots, composite toe boots, or alloy toe boots, our safety toes ensure durability and protection on the job. Grant yourself peace of mind with a pair of safety toe boots.

Waterproofing & Insulation

If you work outdoors, you are often up against the elements. Save yourself from the blisters and sores that can come along with wet and soggy socks. A pair of waterproof work boots will help you stay dry and comfortable during long days in wet conditions. Are you working in colder environments? Insulated work boots will keep your feet warm from clock-in to clock-out.

Logger Boots

Logger work boots feature an outsole with a cutout that allows boots to hitch to ladders and ledges, providing extra stability to climbers. Super Shoes brands such as Carolina boots and Chippewa boots deliver some of the most popular and highest-quality loggers in the industry.