Keep your gear smelling fresh with 2Toms.

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2Toms helps to eliminate shoe odors that arise during day-to-day activities. When you purchase 2Toms shoe care, you'll experience fresh-smelling shoes wherever you go. Spray away odors that build up in your shoes, gym bag, and sports gear. Check out 2Toms products available at Super Shoes.

Spray Bad Smells Away

Whether you're working long hours, exercising, or playing sports, it's normal for shoes to develop an odor. But, with a hardworking stink-free spray like 2Toms, created with no perfumes, you can enjoy a clean, fresh fit. Revitalize your entire shoe collection, from sneakers and boots to sandals. Just spray and leave your shoes to dry, and enjoy odor-free shoes. The stink-free spray can be used on a variety of different materials from canvas and leather to satin.