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DC Shoes is a renowned brand co-founded by sports marketing executive and professional rally driver, Ken Block. DC shoes is widely recognized in the world of skateboarding and action sports for their iconic footwear and apparel. The company's signature skate shoes are known for their durability, grip, and comfort, making them a top choice among skateboarders and action sports enthusiasts. With a strong presence in action sports culture, DC Shoes has solidified its brand as a symbol of style and functionality for those who live on the edge.

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DC skate shoes are beloved in skateboarding culture for their style and performance. These shoes are specifically engineered to meet the demands of skateboarders, featuring reinforced materials, padded collars, and grippy outsoles for optimal board control. Our selection of DC skate sneakers features the brand's signature bold, trendy designs with unique colorways that make a statement. With a blend of functionality and style, DC skate shoes have gained a dedicated following among skateboarders and street-style enthusiasts. With kicks for men, women, and kids, the whole family can embrace urban style at Super Shoes. Be sure to shop our selection of DC shoes online or in-store.