Designed for durability, comfort, and style, no matter the weather.

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Khombu delivers high-performance outdoor footwear, combining innovation and durability for adventurers and casual wearers alike. Known for their all-weather resilience, Khombu's range at Super Shoes embraces the spirit of the outdoors, offering comfort, protection, and style for navigating diverse conditions. This makes Khombu a go-to brand for shoes that stand up to snow, rain, and rugged terrains, ensuring each step is supported, no matter the adventure.

From Rain to Snow

Our Kohmbu collection features shoes for men and women, including warm winter boots, breathable water sandals, and stylish duck boots. Designed for protection in every environment, from deep snow to rainy streets and river adventures, Khombu's shoes are crafted to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and secure. With Khombu at Super Shoes, you're equipped for any weather condition, ensuring reliable performance and style in the great outdoors or on your daily commute.