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White Swan designs trusted men's and women's healthcare uniforms. The brand is known for its dedication to providing high-quality, professional attire for medical and healthcare professionals. With a history rooted in reliability and excellence, White Swan offers a comprehensive range of scrub shirts, pants, lab coats, and other healthcare garments designed to meet the rigorous demands of the medical field. Their styles are characterized by durable fabrics that withstand frequent washing, functional designs that offer practicality and ease of movement, and a variety of styles and colors to suit personal preferences and institutional requirements. White Swan uniforms are not just about functionality; they also incorporate contemporary styling to ensure that healthcare professionals look as good as they feel, making them a preferred choice for those who seek comfort, durability, and professional appearance in their workwear.

At Super Shoes, we offer must-have styles like the White Swan Fundamentals V-Neck in one-pocket and two-pocket designs along with blue scrub pants, available in drawstring and cargo pant styles. When shopping for new uniforms, our White Swan selection includes a wide variety of comfortable, functional styles to choose from. Shop on our site or visit us in-store to find workwear you'll love.

White Swan Lab Coats

White Swan lab coats offer a classic layer of protection, meticulously designed with multiple pockets for enhanced accessibility. Explore our diverse selection of White Swan lab coats, available in various lengths to suit your needs. Each lab coat is crafted to serve as a practical barrier, safeguarding both the professional and their underlying clothes from spills, chemicals, and contaminants encountered in laboratory and medical environments. Whether you're engaging with patients or immersed in experiments, a high-quality White Swan lab coat ensures your protection and peace of mind.